Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Zion Church

Liv­ing out our bap­tis­mal call­ing to be the people of God in San­dusky, Ohio for over 160 years, Zion has been light and leaven and love to all the world.

What is go­ing on at Zion Evan­gel­ic­al Luther­an Church after these many years of ser­vice and faith­ful­ness? We are pro­claim­ing and seek­ing to live this mes­sage: “God’s un­con­di­tion­al love made real in our world through Je­sus Christ, our Lord.” We con­tinu­ally pro­claim that gos­pel mes­sage to all people be­cause we know, that after all is said and done, all people have the same need: a deep spir­itu­al hun­ger to love and be loved.

As we pre­pare to meet the fu­ture, we or­gan­ize our pri­or­it­ies as people of God around this mes­sage. Our hope is to find new mean­ing­ful ways to ex­press our faith and to reach out to people so that they can not only hear the mes­sage but also ex­per­i­ence the love of God in Christ Je­sus per­son­ally.


 Congregational Council

Richard J. Bevington -  President

Nancy Kinsel - Vice President

Andrew Gundlach - Secretary/Treasurer

Carla Mitchell - Faith Formation

Wendy Schonhardt - Mission/Stewardship

Jim Johnson - Finance/Administration

Carol Albert - Worship & Music

Darlene Lowery - Parish Life

Judy McEowen - Outreach

Karen Dehn - Youth & Young Adult

Tim Kostel - Property & Facilities


 Ministry Staff



Carolyn Steinfeldt, AiM: csteinaim@zionsandusky.org

My main re­spons­ib­il­it­ies re­volve around edu­ca­tion – Con­firm­a­tion, Sunday School, Bible stud­ies, VBS, Christ­mas pro­gram and fam­ily min­istry. I also work with the Evan­gel­ism Com­mit­tee. I am al­ways look­ing for ways to make the Bible stor­ies in­ter­est­ing and ex­cit­ing for every­one. I’m a life-long Luther­an from Hart­ford City, In­di­ana and ar­rived in San­dusky in 2004 via Blue Springs, MO.

Be­fore at­tend­ing sem­in­ary at Saint Paul School of Theo­logy in Kan­sas City, I was a middle school Fam­ily & Con­sumer Sci­ence teach­er. My hus­band Bill and I have 2 chil­dren, Chris (Heath­er) who lives in In­di­ana and Ju­li who is a pas­tor at St. John's in Bel­levue. We also have 5 grand­chil­dren!

It is our hope that you will come and see what goes on at Zion.

Lori Harris, Office Administratorloriharris@zionsandusky.org

I have been a part of the Zion staff since 2010, first as the Church Sec­ret­ary and now as Of­fice Ad­min­is­trat­or. Some of my du­ties in­clude but are not lim­ited to ac­count­ing, payroll and ad­min­is­trat­ive func­tions.

A min­istry that I am in­volved in here is the Pray­er Chain. If you have a pray­er con­cern or praise con­tact me by email or phone and I will share it with the ded­ic­ated group who have com­mit­ted to pray for you.

May God bless you. 





 Music Staff

Ron Albert, Sr. Choir & Bell Choir Director




Ron Borchardt, Organist








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503 Columbus Avenue,
Sandusky, OH 44870

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 Rev. Dr. Eric L. Bodenstab, Pastor: pastoreric@zionsandusky.org

Carolyn Steinfeldt, AiM: csteinaim@zionsandusky.org

Lori Harris, Office Administrator loriharris@zionsandusky.org

Lori Wobser, Secretary loriwobser@zionsandusky.org